About Me

Welcome to HyipChamp blog.¬† Just call me Jhen. I’m an internet marketer. I make a living online by selling digital products and maintaining several blogs and websites.

I thought it would be fun to explore this niche so I decided to create this blog to report any success or failure. Because I’m quite good at sniping good domain names, I was a able to register a quick to remember and brandable domain which you can see as hyipchamp.com. So it’s not really about being a champion about investing on HYIPs.

What are high yield investment programs (HYIP)?

HYIP’s are generally online investment programs that promise to pay you from 1% up to 8% a day. Some even go as far as 10% a day.

According to Wikipedia, a high-yield investment program (or programme), HYIP, is a type of Ponzi scheme, which is an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

The Reality About HYIPs

Most successful HYIP “investors” are mostly long-time and seasoned players/gamers. Most of them are also in groups so they have the first access on new HYIPs that come out. They also have the idea whose who among the HYIP admins. They can detect who are the beginner admins as well as the veterans. This crucial information allows them to “play it” and win most of the time.

What this means to new HYIP players is that you are in the position of losing the game – every time.

Can I make money with HYIPs?

Now, the definition above should be enough warning for the faint of hearts. You may be able to make some money with HYIPs providing you know how to play it.

DO NOT join HYIPs if you don’t know what you are doing. Better invest your hard earned money into more reliable investment programs or real business ventures offline.


1. Spend only money that you can afford to lose.
2. Get your principal investment out first then play with the profits.
3. Control your greed.
4. Rinse repeat.

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