Ad Cash Blast – Quick Review

Hi folks. There’s a new “grow your money” opportunity that has just launched this day and it is called AdCashBlast. It sounds like blast me with thousand ads while I keep all the cash… 🙂 Kidding aside, it’s a new revenue sharing program that promise an ROI of 120%. So practically speaking, you’ll gain $20 for risking your $100.

Main Highlights from Ad Cash Blast

  • $5 Ad Packs – 120% Earning Total
  • Full Traffic Exchange System with 1:1 Surf Ratio!
  • Earn generous commissions with our 10/5% split!
  • Get paid every 30 minutes!

Other Highlights

  • Surf Only 5 Sites To Earn Each Day!
  • Earn Bonus Vacation Points For Extra Surfing!
  • Promote your favorite income opportunities!
  • Experience the power of a traffic exchange style surf!
  • Purchase Vacation Points if your going away or earn them ahead of time!
  • Pay It Forward Ad Package System!
  • Earn Even More Commissions From LeaderBoard Banner Sales AND ALL Advertising Sales!!

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some quick info straight from AD Cash Blast’s FAQ page: