Ad Hit Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

Final Update: Our AdhitProfits account was blocked. Reason? We don’t have any idea… Anyway, we are back to marketing plr digital products online.

Update: AdHitProfits is one in a million example of a legitimate online company and a true leadership under Charles Scoville who doesn’t fold when faced with insurmountable challenges.

Now that AdHitProfits is back online after being under maintenance mode for a week as a result of an unexpected attack, there are many folks who react badly when they see that their ad shares number was reduced. However, one of our group members posted her own calculation about the seemingly missing ad shares. See image below:


As you can see, the original balance before the attack is restored after the attack. Now, that shows how sincere is Charles on the things he says and promise. Charle’s programmer is also a true genius.

This just proves that AdHitProfits is here to stay for years and years to come!!!

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AdHitProfits Real Review

So you arrived at this page because you we’re looking for real reviews about a much hyped revenue sharing program called Adhitprofits. Well, all I can say as of this moment (6/21/2013) is that it’s working and it pays instantly. See payment proofs below.

You might have observed that most reviews you’ll find out there has almost the same content and many are full of hypes. That’s because most are simply copied from one source. Heck, some people have copied the original content of this post and then pasted it in every forums they can find and blogs they can create.

Anyway, this is not about those lazy folks making small money out of other people’s work. This is about a good opportunity that you can actually start earning a decent income while at the same time allowing you to promote your own online business.

What is AdHitProfits (AHP)?

AHP is a new advertising website that allows you to buy ad space (mostly in the form of banner ads) and promote whatever you want. At first, many people thought it was another form of a HYIP. Don’t worry it’s NOT a HYIP.

Well, it’s a new kind of a revenue sharing program where every member, who purchase at least one share is entitled to take part of the revenue that the company makes.

Do you believe that you can earn every 30 minutes? Yes, it’s true. In fact, AHP is becoming so addictive that every 30 minutes we keep on refreshing our browser just so we can see how much we have earned!

AHP is owned and managed by Charles Scoville. Charles is said to be a well respected and trusted online businessman. I can attest to that since I have observed firsthand how he is smartly managing AdHitProfits and we have seen how he cares its members.

Watch Charles on video and know more about his background here.

How do members earn?

By now, you are probably asking yourself, “How the hell can I make money with Ad Hit Profits?” Right?

Okay. Most of the highly trafficked websites such as Facebook make big money by selling advertising services. Those popular classified ad businesses like USFreeAds make revenue by selling premium ad spaces. Needless to say, owners of such businesses are very rich while those members are just, well, ordinary users who can never have the chance to take part with any profit the business makes.

On the other hand, AHP also makes profits by selling ad spaces. The big difference is this: every revenue earned is distributed equally to every member provided they maintain a share!

In short, you can also earn a profit share from every revenue that AHP makes. How cool is that?

Ways to Earn

Basically there are “3 easy ways to earn from AHP”:

1. Purchase an ad share – Just buy an ad share for $45 each. For each ad share you purchase you receive 1000 real visitors to your website while earning 125% of your original purchase back. The more ad shares you purchase, the more profits you can earn.

2. Refer advertisers to the site – if you are that fellow who is really good at marketing things on the internet, refer as many AHP advertisers as you can and you will earn 10% commission on every advertising purchase they make.

3. Invite members to join AHP – refer your friends, associates, and other contacts and when they buy their own ad share you’ll get 10% commission.

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Proof of Payments

If you’re still sitting on the fence because you fear AHP won’t pay, then here are some of my withdrawal screenshots.
First withdrawal:
first adhitprofts withdrawal

2nd withdrawal:
adhitprofits second withdrawal

3rd withdrawal:
adhitprofits instant withdraw

4th withdrawal:

How to Join

Update: One of our team members set up a site to guide new members on how to start with AHP. Visit the site here!

1. Join Ad Hit Profits here.

2. After successful registration, go ahead and purchase your directory listing. Also called “Purchase/Bump Listing”.
purchase listing

Watch video guide on how to purchase bump listing here.

You can pay your directory listing through SolidTrustPay (STP), PayZa, and EzyBonds. Purchasing a directory listing is the only way to purchase revenue shares.

Keep in mind that with the purchase you can receive top listing and 1,000 visitors to your website. This is a great deal if you have your own website or affiliate offers. Another way to earn!

Watch video here on how to set up your banner listing so that you will receive 1000 free hits to your site.

3. Go and click 10 ads to qualify for revenue shares for the day.
view ads

Click here to see video on how to click 10 ads/day.

4. Just log in to members area as much as you want to watch YOUR FUNDS GROW! Then go about your daily business. You may withdraw earn profits if you wish.

See video on how to withdraw here.

5. You can refer your friends and earn a whooping 10% of what they purchase for ad package.

NOTE: Should you need assistance in registration or need help in getting funds for Solid Trust Pay or Payza, connect with me at my Facebook account. You can always message me your concerns or questions about the program. If you like, I will also include you into the Facebook group where you can meet the owner of this program.

The Best Strategy

As you can see from the above screenshots, I started with only 2 shares (that’s $45 x 2 = $90). But I regretted it badly. 🙁 I should have started with at least 4 shares!

Start with at least 4 shares. After that, bump (buy another listing) every time you get $45 ad shares. My friend started with 4 shares and now have over 20 active shares which continue to grow rapidly.

Keep in mind, however, to apply the 80/20 Plan.

Ad Hit Profits Program Highlights

  • Directory Listings & Website Traffic (Included In Your $45 Purchase)
    • You Purchase 1 Or More Revenue Share Ad Spot(s) For $45 !!
    • You Earn Max $56.25 (125%) Each Share (More Stable For Long Term !!)
    • Re-Purchases (or Additional Share purchases) BUMP Your Listing to the Top of the Directory !!
    • Each Re-purchase also Provides Additional 1000 Visitors !!
    • 10% commission on all sales
    • Surf 10 sites to receive daily revenue share
  • Solo Ad (email) Marketing Service (Sold Separately)
  • 728×90 LeaderBoard Ads (Sold Separately)
  • 125×125 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)

For frequently asked questions, see video here.


I’m barely a month old member of AdHitProfits and I have been making good income from it. AHP does pays. In fact, I’ve been surprised at how fast my past withdrawals are. It’s done in an instant! I’m confident that this program will last for a long time and for even years to come.

join ad hits profits

P.S. For those who join my team and purchase at least 4 shares, we’ll set up for you an “AdHitProfits guide ready made website” where you can show your referrals as their online guide. We are selling it for $45 here but you’ll get it as FREE as part of our team!

Just make sure that the sponsor to appear in your sign up form is “Jhen Sheppard“. Ohterwise, you need to clear your browser cookies before registering. 🙂