Advertising With Videos: Climbing To Leap Past The Competition

Online videos are all the rage these days.  They are becoming an extremely powerful marketing technique.  Using videos on a sales page can help give you an additional edge in your marketing efforts.  The benefits speak for themselves.

The online marketing field is littered with spammers and relatively worthless sites.  There are also a lot of sites that are trying to capture the same visitors as you.  You need to do what you can to set your site apart from all the rest.  A video is the answer to your marketing quandary.  Videos are attention-grabbing tools that will keep visitors on your site longer.  Many people don’t want to take the time to read a long sales letter, but they often are willing to watch a short video.  Furthermore, a video automatically attaches some credibility to your site.  Someone who is willing to spend time on a quality video is unlikely to be running a time-wasting spam site.  A video can also be a better platform to demonstrate what a product can do.  Visibility and credibility are only two of the many benefits of adding a video to your online site.

Pages full of text are unappealing.  Nowadays, people just don’t want to take the time to read.  To pass on crucial information, you need to develop a method for visitors to receive information effortlessly.  The video fits the bill perfectly.  Marketers can explain the major selling points of their campaign quickly with a video.  It can also show the product in action, letting the product speak for itself.  Another benefit to the video is that it can show how a service or software functions, which is much easier to understand visually than through text.  All this can take place in as little as 30 seconds.  Most visitors are willing to give your site that much of their time.

People on your site will only become involved on a higher level if they trust you.  Establishing a sense of belonging is easier with a video.  You become a real person when people see and hear you talking directly to them.

It is also important for the visitors to feel that your product and brand are credible.  When you use a video to add credibility to the promises made on your site,  people will begin to trust you.  The product video can prove your honesty.  You will increase that trust tenfold if you make use of recent technology allowing customers to interact with videos, either manipulating the product or controlling the direction the video takes.  Trust and loyalty are keys to repeat customers, the lifeblood of most businesses.  Videos are a worthy tool to aid in these key marketing accomplishments.

The video trend is rising fast, and this is only the beginning.  The technology is unprecedented.  There is almost no limit to what videos can eventually do.  Perhaps most important, your competitors are eventually going to use video advertising to make themselves more visible in the marketplace.  It’s time to get on board or be thrown under the train.