How Long Will AdHitProfits Last?

The most common question I get about AHP (AdHitProfits) is: “How long will AHP last?”

The reason for the question is because those asking just do not understand..

1. AHP ONLY pays out 100% of what it takes in..
2. AHP cannot fail it is ONLY pays out what it takes in..
3. AHP make NO promises about daily earnings so it will never go into debt..

IF you understand the 3 above then you can see.. AHP will last as long as it wants too!!

DO you want AHP to last.. then join, fund, and apply the 80/20 Plan.. then you will enjoy the same 100% share of earnings.. paid to you every 30 minutes!!

Income percentage for the last 3 days:

May 27th = 7%
May 28th = 9%
May 29th = 7%

Income the LAST 3 days = 23% !!

As George Salomon posted about AHP:
“Where on the internet world can we find a program that pays earnings every 30 minutes, do multiple withdrawal and payments in a single day credited to your preferred payment processor in just minutes?

It’s only here in ADHitProfits…

join ad hits profits

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