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Ad Cash Blast – Quick Review

Hi folks. There’s a new “grow your money” opportunity that has just launched this day and it is called AdCashBlast. It sounds like blast me with thousand ads while I keep all the cash… 🙂 Kidding aside, it’s a new revenue sharing program that promise an ROI of 120%. So practically speaking, you’ll gain $20 for risking your $100. Main Highlights from Ad Cash Blast $5 Ad Packs – 120% Earning Total Full Traffic Exchange System with 1:1 Surf Ratio! Earn generous commissions with our 10/5% split! […]

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In A Million – Dreams (Didn’t) Come True

Update: My withdrawal requests are all pending. It’s a scam so don’t invest. The only negative but ignored comment on the forums against this program has proven to be true.. I’ve seen the lone scam warning comment by a user “neha didi” on DreamTeamMoney saying the admin is a serial scammer but I opt to trust somebody’s recommendation so I ignored it. Now, I’m the silly one. What a joke. 🙂 Warning: The admin created InAMillion.Biz with the sole intent to collect your money but don’t want to […]

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Unlimited Forex

Update: Unlimited Forex stopped paying so don’t join. Unlimited Forex is one of the many opportunity sites that I tried venturing especially into the world of HYIPs and so far it’s the very first program that allowed me to get back my full investment. 🙂 I tested it with merely 20 bucks for “350% for 5 days” plan and so far it made me a whooping $50. Withdrawn $25 and reinvested the other $25. A big thanks, by the way, to my friend for recommending this program. […]

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UTSProfitAds Review

In this post, I’ll be doing a quick review of a new profit sharing program called UTSProfitAds also written as UTS Profit Ads. I initially ignored this new revenue sharing opportunity even though it was heavily advertised, or should I say spammed :-), on several of the Facebook groups that I maintain. UTSProfitAds and many other so called “profit/revenue sharing compensation programs” seem to have cropped up due the immense popularity of AdHitProfits (AHP). In fact, most of the “AHP copy cats“, as folks would love to say […]

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Ad Hit Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

Final Update: Our AdhitProfits account was blocked. Reason? We don’t have any idea… Anyway, we are back to marketing plr digital products online. Update: AdHitProfits is one in a million example of a legitimate online company and a true leadership under Charles Scoville who doesn’t fold when faced with insurmountable challenges. Now that AdHitProfits is back online after being under maintenance mode for a week as a result of an unexpected attack, there are many folks who react badly when they see that their ad shares number […]

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Money Management and Cashflow

Do you understand the meaning of money? Accepted method for payment of goods and services! Do you understand Cash Flow? Cash Flow is the movement of money in or out of a business! Do you know “the movement of money creates wealth (cashflow)“? Banks take in money. If they just let it sit they would not make any profit. Banks make record profits by moving money (cashflow). The faster banks move money (cashflow) the bigger the profits they make! AHP (AdHitProfits) understands Cash Flow: AHP moves 100% […]

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