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Ad Shares Maturity

Yes.. the maturing (expiring) of AHP Ad Shares is taking 23 days to 125%.. which you can 100% withdraw if you want! Last week it was taking 24 days.. e.x.c.e.l.l.e.n.t!!! Earnings May 30th = 8.8%! I have never been so happy about a program! AHP (AdHitProfits) gives.. yes gives.. ALL active members 100% of ALL…

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The 80/20 Plan

I get asked about AHP (AdHitProfits): “What is the best way to turn ONE large Funded Amount into Long Term Income?” I suggest/recommend the 80/20 Plan: 1. Withdraw 20% of your daily earnings. 2. Then buy MORE Shares with the remaining 80% of your Daily Earnings. Then your earning balance will remain around the same…

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Liberty Reserve Shut Down by Authorities

This must be a very shocking news to the HYIP community since many, if not most folks, in the industry use Liberty Reserve as payment processor. As of this moment, the site show’s nothing but white space and could mean that the site is disabled. I was totally unaware of this sad news (I was…

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AdHitProfits RCB

Are you looking for Adhitprofits RCB? I’m offering 100% RCB for the first purchase and 85% for the succeeding purchases. Please make sure to join my link: Join AdHitProfits and Get RCB On the Sign up page, make sure that your enroller’s name is Jhen Shepard. After you purchase ad pack, please contact me here.…

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