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High Yield Online Investments Opportunities

Looking for investment opportunities programs online? While there are literally thousands of investment opportunities on the internet, there are only few that could actually make you high returns. The bad news is that most of those well known high paying investment businesses such as stocks trading, forex trading, and real estate investment requires a lot of capital plus a great deal of technical knowledge. In short, you need big money to make big money. On the other side of the normal “investment business“, there’s a very fast […]

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Update: Ore8 is scam.. I’m a little bit lucky to stumble into a newly launched HYIP program which just started today. It’s called Ore8. I’ll start putting Ore8 on my HYIP test and hope this program will deliver what most of us would want to enjoy – earning more with our online wealth 🙂 Investment Plans Ore8 features two investment plans: Daily 8 – earn 8% daily for 20 days. The minimum investment is only $5 while the maximum is $10,000. Daily 10 – earn 10% daily […]

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Twice Dollar

Updates October 10, 2012 = Twice Dollar is a ghost HYIP. It’s a scam. Do not invest. Stats on site are not realistic. I tried withdrawing after 48 hours. My default account profile settings indicates that there’s something wrong going on. I am very familiar with the script used by this HYIP site. Also, I didn’t receive any email notification about the withdrawal request. Twice Dollar is a new HYIP program that started on October 5, 2012.  The promise is you will be able to double your […]

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Elite Gains on Test

Updates October 10, 2012 = Elite Gains stopped paying.. DO NOT invest there. Email screenshot below should enough evidence. Lol.. October 7, 2012 = Withdrawal request is still pending. It’s already beyond 24 hours. 🙁 October 6, 2012 = My initial investment on Plan C has now fully matured. I logged in to my account and there I could now withdraw 3x of my principal investment. I decided to withdraw 60% of the profits and reinvested 40%. We’ll see by tomorrow if withdrawal request be granted. 🙂 […]

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TheBig5 Review

Updates: October 10, 2012 = BEWARE! TheBig5 stopped paying. Turns out be a scam. October 7, 2012 = For the past 7 days, I’ve successfully withdrawn 30% of my principal investment without any problem. Withdrawal requests has been granted in not over 12 hours. The Big 5 was launched on September 9th 2012, so it’s already running for almost 20 days. By this time, those early investors must have reach their break even point – the point where you should have already earned your principal investment. Investment […]

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Advertising With Videos: Climbing To Leap Past The Competition

Online videos are all the rage these days.  They are becoming an extremely powerful marketing technique.  Using videos on a sales page can help give you an additional edge in your marketing efforts.  The benefits speak for themselves. The online marketing field is littered with spammers and relatively worthless sites.  There are also a lot of sites that are trying to capture the same visitors as you.  You need to do what you can to set your site apart from all the rest.  A video is the […]

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