Best Tips on Investing Money on HYIPs

Are you tired of all the hypes about HYIPs? Looking for sensible advice on how to really make money with this highly lucrative but very volatile investment websites? If you’re new to the HYIP (high yield investment programs) industry and want to make sure you can make the big profits, then you should read this great advice from a well seasoned hyip investor. So, here it goes.

Why are some successful online while others fail?

Success is not about guessing – SUCCESS is about Planning!

I plan to succeed in every program I ever join and fund!

Some programs I add funds and 100% withdraw because I ‘think’ they will be high risk!

Most programs I add my funds.. THEN EVERYDAY I buy more “ad packs” from my daily earnings plus I withdraw everyday as well – otherwise how do I know if they are paying or not?

Most programs I think long term. I never know how long they will last so I do not try and work that out. I want to make sure that if the program is paying then I am earning as well, regardless of how big my account balance will become, that is not important.

What is important is that I have daily income generated by daily earnings. Once the program stops paying I do not look at my balance and scream, “Woe is me, all that money is lost!” What I see is how much profit I made and be very thankful for that!!

So, when you “think” a program will last and is run in an honest way all you do is:

  1. Add your funds
  2. Buy more from daily earnings
  3. Withdraw some each day to get into profit

NEVER put in small and compound for many weeks or months – THAT is how you lose your money.  Time after time!

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