Money Management and Cashflow

Do you understand the meaning of money? Accepted method for payment of goods and services!

Do you understand Cash Flow? Cash Flow is the movement of money in or out of a business!

Do you know “the movement of money creates wealth (cashflow)“?

Banks take in money. If they just let it sit they would not make any profit. Banks make record profits by moving money (cashflow). The faster banks move money (cashflow) the bigger the profits they make!

AHP (AdHitProfits) understands Cash Flow: AHP moves 100% of all income to ALL members!!

ALL AHP members can:
1. Withdraw ALL Earnings..
2. Repurchase ALL Earnings..

Smart AHP CashFlow is Withdraw 20% + Repurchase 80% = Forever Income!

Why is AHP an approved CASHFlow System?

  • Because AHP is 100% Legal..
  • AHP makes NO promises about earnings..
  • AHP distributes 100% of ALL earnings every 30 minutes to ALL active members..
  • AHP is NOT MLM.. it has no levels.. AHP rewards sponsors with 10% on their direct referrals only..
  • AHP is based and run from the USA, the most regulated online program
    country.. run your business successfully with Govt Approval takes away all doubts about its legality and longevity!!

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