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Ad Cash Blast – Quick Review

Hi folks. There’s a new “grow your money” opportunity that has just launched this day and it is called AdCashBlast. It sounds like blast me with thousand ads while I keep all the cash… 🙂 Kidding aside, it’s a new revenue sharing program that promise an ROI of 120%. So practically speaking, you’ll gain $20 for risking your $100. Main Highlights from Ad Cash Blast $5 Ad Packs – 120% Earning Total Full Traffic Exchange System with 1:1 Surf Ratio! Earn generous commissions with our 10/5% split! […]

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UTSProfitAds Review

In this post, I’ll be doing a quick review of a new profit sharing program called UTSProfitAds also written as UTS Profit Ads. I initially ignored this new revenue sharing opportunity even though it was heavily advertised, or should I say spammed :-), on several of the Facebook groups that I maintain. UTSProfitAds and many other so called “profit/revenue sharing compensation programs” seem to have cropped up due the immense popularity of AdHitProfits (AHP). In fact, most of the “AHP copy cats“, as folks would love to say […]

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Ad Hit Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

Final Update: Our AdhitProfits account was blocked. Reason? We don’t have any idea… Anyway, we are back to marketing plr digital products online. Update: AdHitProfits is one in a million example of a legitimate online company and a true leadership under Charles Scoville who doesn’t fold when faced with insurmountable challenges. Now that AdHitProfits is back online after being under maintenance mode for a week as a result of an unexpected attack, there are many folks who react badly when they see that their ad shares number […]

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