Dear AdHitProfits Marketer

How would you like to own this done-for-you AdHitProfits Tutorial Website ready to get you hundreds or thousands of "PAYING" referrals?

Have you sponsored lots of members to AdHitProfits (AHP) but seen that only one or two of them (if there are any) upgraded to a "PAID" level?

Yes.. I know how that feels. Disappointing, right?

As you can see, AdHitProfits is now becoming wildly viral all around the globe but thousands of people signing up to AdHitProfits are somewhat new to the system. And most of them have a hard time understanding how it works.

The result...  they remain on the "None" level which means they haven't bought yet any shares.

That fact is you can sponsor thousands of members into AHP but without them upgrading to a "PAID" level obviously translates to "zero commissions" for you!

So, how do you make your sponsored members engaged and become happy paying AHP members giving you thousand in commission every time they repurchase an ad share?


Set up your own AHP guide website and publish your tutorials and instructions either in the form of video or screenshot guides.

Okay, I heard you say "But I don't have the time to learn to create a damn website?"

Then buy this ready made AHP Guide website now and we'll set up everything for you!

This ready made AdHitProfits Guide website is a very powerful tool to help you educate and guide your "sponsored members" or referrals on how to use the AHP website and become a successful paying member.

Since this is a ready made website you don't need to know how to do HTML, PHP, and CSS. Everything is handled from within the site admin area so you can add new pages and categories very easily - there's no need for any separate software or HTML design skills.

All you have to do put in your AHP referral link and start promoting right away!

Cool Features:

10 Fully Illustrated Tutorials - these "starter" tutorials are already posted as part of the ready made tutorial site. Basic tutorial includes:
  1. How it Works
  2. How to Start - Step by Step Guide
  3. Sign Up Procedure
  4. Complete Your Profile
  5. Upgrade Your Membership
  6. Viewing Ads
  7. How to Set Up Listing
  8. How to Bump
  9. How to PIF
  10. How to Withdraw Money
Custom Theme Control Panel - Custom made Theme Control Panel to let you quickly and easily replace and add your ad codes, affiliate links, and banner promotions. You can also easily put your own affiliate ads, affiliate URLs and banners.

Pre-installed Plugins - This tutorial site comes pre-installed with 11+ important Wordpress plugins.

Its own logo - You can change the site's logo if you want to make it unique for branding purposes. A PSD file is included for easy editing.

Its own design - this blog uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement of ads and a functional readable content to make sure that every blog is easy on the readers eyes.

21 Color layouts - This will allow you to quickly change your website’s appearance and make it unique.

SEO - This blog is search engine friendly. I enhanced the original settings to ensure the proper use of tags and permalink settings.

Latest WordPress and Optimum Plugin Settings - This site is pre-installed with the latest version of WordPress (version 3.5.1) - the Internets premier blogging platform.

Pre-installed plugins - Important plugins such Akismet, All-In-One SEO, Contact Form, and many more are all pre-configured so you don't need to spend hours attacking your Worpress dashboard.

Mobile and Smartphone Ready – The site comes with a premium plugin that converts your main site into a mobile friendly destination for visitors using their mobile or smart phones.

Demo 1
: As installed on a top domain (click link):

Demo 2: As installed under a subdomain (click link):

How it works

Step 1. Pay using Paypal (automatic payment just click buy button above).

No PayPal? Don't worry you can manually pay through SolidTrustPay or PIF (Pay It Forward) through AdHitProfits.
For SolidTrustPay, send payment to this account only: jhensuccess
For AdHitProfits, PIF only to this username: donnahmaie
Note: To avoid mistakes and sending payment to other account copy paste my STP account or AHP account instead of typing it.

Step 2. After payment please email me at or use this contact page and send the following:
1. Domain name to install the site
2. Webhost username and password
3. Desired Title for your website

No domain name and webhost?

Don't worry we'll install the site as a subdomain on one of our domains -

The only difference is that your site url will look like this:

With this set up you don't need to pay for hosting as we'll host it for you for FREE!

Step 3. After verification of your payment, we'll install the site and send you the username and password for new AHP tutorial site.
Contact me using any of the following:
1. Online contact page: Click here
2. Message me at my Facebook profile here.
3. Chat with me at Skype. My Skype account is donnahmaie
We Will Install Your Site Within 24 Hours After You Have Completed Your Payment - No Days Waiting, Get Started Right Now!