Elite Gains on Test


October 10, 2012 = Elite Gains stopped paying.. DO NOT invest there. Email screenshot below should enough evidence. Lol..

October 7, 2012 = Withdrawal request is still pending. It’s already beyond 24 hours. 🙁

October 6, 2012 = My initial investment on Plan C has now fully matured. I logged in to my account and there I could now withdraw 3x of my principal investment. I decided to withdraw 60% of the profits and reinvested 40%. We’ll see by tomorrow if withdrawal request be granted. 🙂

Elite Gains started on Sep 24, 2012 so it’s already running for seven days as of this writing. At first look, I was a little dubious of this program because of it’s overall website appearance that looks like a ready to disappear-in-any-minute website.

Investment Plans
Elite gains features six investment plans which could be somewhat confusing. Refer to the image below:

The minimum investment for all of these plans is $5. Payment processors available for use is Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, and Ego Pay.

You can only withdraw you principal investment plus income after the PLAN you have selected has matured. This means if you chose Plan C, for example, you will only be able to get your money plus the income after five days.

My Investment Test

I just joined three hours ago and putting Elite Gains on my test list. My investment is $15 and hope to withdraw by Saturday, October 6.