In A Million – Dreams (Didn’t) Come True

Update: My withdrawal requests are all pending. It’s a scam so don’t invest. The only negative but ignored comment on the forums against this program has proven to be true.. I’ve seen the lone scam warning comment by a user “neha didi” on DreamTeamMoney saying the admin is a serial scammer but I opt to trust somebody’s recommendation so I ignored it. Now, I’m the silly one. What a joke. 🙂

Warning: The admin created InAMillion.Biz with the sole intent to collect your money but don’t want to pay you back.

Why did I say this? If you look at the “Ratings” page, all of the monitor banners says “PAYING” but all are NOT clickable. In a normal paying HYIP site, monitor images should be clickable so that you could go to the monitor’s page and verify about the HYIPs real status as well as read other investors comments.

This means that the admin deliberately changed the codes so that what you only see is a JPEG image which shows its status as “PAYING”. This is the admin’s last attempt to fool many beginners so they may put more money to the program. Go to it’s HYIP explorer page and you will see that the status is now “PROBLEM” which means that is also not receiving payment request/s from In A Million scammer.

My Final Warning Be warned that many HYIPs are being set up simply to collect money from unsuspecting new hypers. They are taking advantage of the recent massive pop ups of revenue sharing programs such as AdHitProfits, Adzibiz, etc. They know that many “new bloods” from these rev sites are very curious and are potential “investors“.

How do I know? This HYIP has already stopped paying but I can still see it being promoted on different rev sites most probably by its own admin posing as one of the members. The nerve! Does this guy paying? NO.

Well, that’s it for me now.

It goes to show that this industry is full of bastards whose only intent is to setup HYIP sites to collect people’s money and then simply don’t want to pay you anything as promised on their investment plans.


InAMillion.Biz is a new HYIP that just started July 10, 2013. It’s a good money growing opportunity for those who are fond of taking risks with this kind of money making ops. As observed, it’s not yet heavily promoted on Facebook although many hyipsters are already posting their proof of payments on MoneyMakergroup, Talkgold, Dreamteammoney, and MMGP.RU.

I’m “IN” a Million

I’m not the typical risk taker as I’m just simply having fun but I decided to raise the bar this time and invested a hundred bucks. I’m going to start testing my 10 Day Strategy with In A Million and see if my dreams will really come true. I’ve been seeing a lot of new HYIPs promoted on Facebook so I started playing with Excel the other day and formulated something… it smells like poop so don’t email me just to ask about it. 🙂

Quick Stats from the In A Million site as of July 16
Running Days: 6
Active Accounts: 491
Deposited: $116,767.14
Withdrawn: 29,536.82

Investment plans

in a millon - wtf

Payouts and Payment Processors

Minimum amount to spend is $10. Payment processors accepted are SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OKPAY, and HD-Money.

DISCLAIMER: Posted results here does not imply you will end up with similar results also. HYIPs are a very risky way to make money. If you join, join at your own risk. If it does not end up like what I wrote here and you lose money, please do not email me and ask, “Where’s the fucking money?“.

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