Update: Ore8 is scam..

I’m a little bit lucky to stumble into a newly launched HYIP program which just started today. It’s called Ore8.

I’ll start putting Ore8 on my HYIP test and hope this program will deliver what most of us would want to enjoy – earning more with our online wealth πŸ™‚

Investment Plans
Ore8 features two investment plans:
Daily 8 – earn 8% daily for 20 days. The minimum investment is only $5 while the maximum is $10,000.
Daily 10 – earn 10% daily for 20 days. Minimum investment starts at $10,000 and above.

So if you go for a minimum of $5 with a daily percentage of 8%, you will be getting $.4 daily on your account which you can withdraw if you want to play it safe.

After 20 days you will receive a gross income of $8. This translates to 160% of Total ROI. Your net profit would be $3 or 60% net ROI.

The break even point (the point where you should have already earned your principal investment) is 12.5 days. That means, after 12 days you will start withdrawing the pure profits of your investment.

Example Investments:
You invest $50, total income after 20 days will be $80 which means you gained $30 more.
You invest $100, total income after 20 days is $160. You gained $60 more from your original $100.

Hosting and Security
Ore8 is hosted by Koddos which comes with a high risk, DDOS protected server. It’s has a positive SSL security provided by Comodo.

Investment Tips

For safe play, withdraw the daily profit (for example $4 if you invested $50) into your processor account everyday. The principle here is get your investment back first, then play whatever profit you earn.