TheBig5 Review


October 10, 2012 = BEWARE! TheBig5 stopped paying. Turns out be a scam.

October 7, 2012 = For the past 7 days, I’ve successfully withdrawn 30% of my principal investment without any problem. Withdrawal requests has been granted in not over 12 hours.

The Big 5 was launched on September 9th 2012, so it’s already running for almost 20 days. By this time, those early investors must have reach their break even point – the point where you should have already earned your principal investment.

Investment Plans
The Big 5 features two investment plans:
The Five plan – earn 5% daily for 31 days
Fixed 114 plan – earn 114% after 10 days.

The minimum investment for both of these plans is $20. The maximum investment is a whopping $1M.

Now if you invest a minimum of $20 with a daily percentage of 5%, you will be receiving $1 daily on your account. At the end of 31 days you will receive a gross income of $31 which translates to 155% of Total ROI. Your net profit would be $11 or 55% net ROI.

Example Investments:
You invest $50, total income after 31 days will be $77.5 which means you gained $27.5 more.
You invest $100, total income after 31 days is $155. You added $55 more to your original $100.

The daily 5% income can be withdrawn daily to your payment processor. This is good if you want to play it safe.

Hosting and Security
The Big 5 is DDoS protected by BlockDos. It’s domain is registered for 10 years and have an SSL security which is is provided by Comodo.

My Investment Test

I just joined 2 days ago and so I’m placing TheBig5 on my test list. My investment is $50 and right now I have already withdrawn $5.