Twice Dollar


October 10, 2012 = Twice Dollar is a ghost HYIP. It’s a scam. Do not invest.

Stats on site are not realistic. I tried withdrawing after 48 hours. My default account profile settings indicates that there’s something wrong going on. I am very familiar with the script used by this HYIP site. Also, I didn’t receive any email notification about the withdrawal request.

Withdrawal history is disabled. “Pending Withdrawal” field should be there. Also, notice the wrong spelling.

Twice Dollar is a new HYIP program that started on October 5, 2012.  The promise is you will be able to double your money within just 2 days. So if you invest $500, you will get $1,000 after 48 hours!

Investment Plans
The investment plan for Twice Dollar is very simple. Just deposit a certain amount and after 48 hours, you can withdraw your profit plus the capital. You may also withdraw 50% after 24 hours.

The minimum withdrawal is $ 0.05.

Twice Dollar accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money as payment processors.

Hosting and Security
Twice Dollar claims the site is protected from DDOS Attacks however SSL Encryption could be missing.

We invested some dollars to test the program. We should be withdrawing 2x our capital by October 8 in the morning. Watch out for our report.