Unlimited Forex

Update: Unlimited Forex stopped paying so don’t join.

notpayingUnlimited Forex is one of the many opportunity sites that I tried venturing especially into the world of HYIPs and so far it’s the very first program that allowed me to get back my full investment. 🙂

I tested it with merely 20 bucks for “350% for 5 days” plan and so far it made me a whooping $50. Withdrawn $25 and reinvested the other $25. A big thanks, by the way, to my friend for recommending this program.

What is Unlimited Forex

As written on the site’s page, Unlimited Forex collectively pools the funds of all its investors to the investment funds managed by our company forex traders. Forex trading brings profit..

Well, in this type of industry it’s practically a waste of time trying to disprove those claims but basically it’s a HYIP so there’s no guarantee it will last for long. There’s also no guarantee you will get similar results all the time. You just have to play it with money you can afford to lose. So, yep I can only afford to lose $20… Lol.

Quick Stats from the UF site as of July 6
Running Days: 9
Members: 1597
Deposited: $178,369.33
Withdrawn: $62,869.07

Payment Plans

Here are the six levels of investment plans.

Payouts and Payment Processors

Minimum Payout is $10. Minimum amount to spend is $5 only. Payment processors accepted are PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay.

So you want to join?. Here’s my link: https://www.hyipchamp.com/ulforex. Jhen S. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: Posted results here does not imply you will end up with similar results also. HYIPs are a very risky way to make money. If you join, join at your own risk. If it does not end up like what I wrote here and you lose money, please do not email me and ask, “Where’s the fucking money?“.

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