UTSProfitAds Review

In this post, I’ll be doing a quick review of a new profit sharing program called UTSProfitAds also written as UTS Profit Ads.

I initially ignored this new revenue sharing opportunity even though it was heavily advertised, or should I say spammed :-), on several of the Facebook groups that I maintain.

UTSProfitAds and many other so called “profit/revenue sharing compensation programs” seem to have cropped up due the immense popularity of AdHitProfits (AHP). In fact, most of the “AHP copy cats“, as folks would love to say in the forums, are advertising their services at the AHP site.

What makes me reconsider UTS is that I found some good info about it’s owners. It seems that they have a large base of members from their other older program who have joined UTS and that may explain the sudden huge membership they have in just five days! That may also explain the popular UTS ads being posted by many of my FB friends whom I know as PTC addicts.

Company Background

According to a good source, UTSProfitAds is owned by Steven S. Jones who owns Ultimate Team Success – a Pait-to-Click (PTC) program and Team Builder program. No wonder they are trying to integrate the PTC concept inside their members area where FREE members can earn just by clicking ads.

UTSProfitAds.com was launched on June 16, 2013 is totally owned, run and administered by Mr. Steven S. Jones of the SJS Promotions group who are based in Perth, Australia. Steven S. Jones can be contacted through the site’s contact page. Complete address for the UTS company is 91 Rimbanda Rd, Kentucky, NSW 2371.

Pro Membership

To become a pro member you must purchase at least one share at only $20.

Free Membership

You can join UTS for FREE and can still earn money by referring other people. You can also earn by viewing members Link Ads in the members area.

Payout on Shares (Pro Members)

For each ad pack you purchase for $20 you earn $30. That’s 150% profit on your original purchase.

That’s 25% more as compared to AdHitProfits. However, the higher the payout on shares the more risk for the long term especially that UTS can’t show any other source of income.

Referral Commissions

UTS pays you a whooping 15% of every ad pack that your own personal referrals purchase.

Payments and Withdrawals

Accepted payment processors as of this writing are Solid Trust Pay and Payza. The minimum withdrawal is $10.

Update 1:
It seems that UTSProfitAds sucks big time in terms of generating traffic to your website. It’s a very far cry to what you will actually receive from AdHitProfits ad system.
utsprofitads sucks

No payment proofs to show yet.. Ad share earnings slowed down 2 days after I joined. 🙁

Update 2:
I’m about to be convinced that UTSProfitAds has failed and is already a scam. The “beta testing” excuse is so lame.

Update 3:
Alright, the View Link Ads area is live (again). I’m short of a dollar to reach the minimum withdrawal. Since profit shares doesn’t seem to be moving, I have to earn my way by clicking ads (which pays $.01 per view) just to make it to $10 and be able to request for my first withdrawal.

This is silly.. 🙂

Update 4: Just received my first payment from UTSprofitAds.. Darn! I should eat my words and withdraw my scam warnings against this program. 🙂

Lesson: While it’s good to consider general opinion and listen to other so-called experts who says that “this and that is a scam“, it is better not to depend too much on them. I actually missed a lot of good ops by not using my own brain.

It’s best to learn how to play the cards and become a master of your own game.